Marisa du Toit

Welcome to my website.

I am so excited to share my work with everybody and I really hope that you will find a message or a little inspiration for the day in there just for you.  I call my work “Christian art” as my motivation is to spread the GOOD WORD, share the positive message and tell everybody that God is everywhere, so there is HOPE everywhere.
Anybody  that has a “creative job”, regardless of the industry will most probably tell you the same story as mine... it didn’t happen over night and it took a whole lot of encouragement, motivation, endurance and faith in what you do to persevere in a very competitive space, space that the whole world revolves around(because ultimately somebody creatively came up with any and every idea behind any company, brand, picture, advert, logo layout, etc.) and that gets little to none recognition for the ultimate artist behind any idea.  It is very easy to start to doubt what you do as you almost never get a pat on the back saying good job, there is no manual to your head saying you are doing it right... the only thing you can do is to learn to trust yourself, your instinct, inner-voice...that is the thing for most of us that doesn’t come naturally. 

We so often doubt ourselves, and then we give up on our dreams.  That is where wisdom comes in, something that grows deep in everybody the older and more experienced you get.  To trust yourself and to listen to your voice is the true art not only of being a creative, but being a whole person.  I truly hope that I will “speak” to you in someway through my creations.  I mostly feel like an inventor thinking that I can paint, invent anything, it is liberating and extremely satisfying.  I grow a lot with every painting I make, and I am so excited to see how I can push my own boundaries this space...

I am happy to answer any questions and I am mostly available for commissions so please feel free to contact me if you have a specific request.
I would love to hear what you think about my work and the site, so please contact me with positive criticism, hints and comments.   

Kind Regards,
Marisa du Toit

Marisa du Toit, Marisa Art